Welcome to the fun new world of Kick Buttowski Games. We are filled with fun, excitement and top notch flash games for all ages. Do you really know who Kick Buttowski is? Well he is a super hero character that was created by Disney and he is loved by almost every age group on the planet. Kick Buttowski has been doing thrilling action packed stunts for years and is certainly the hottest in characters on todays Saturday night TV lineup. Here at Kick Buttowski Games we have brought to you the newest and latest updated Kick Buttowski Games so that gamers from all over can have an experience like no other place on the internet. We have the highest quality in graphics and sound available so your experiences with keep you addicted to Kick Buttowski Games and have you visiting our site on a daily basis. It is our goal to always offer you the very best in Kick Buttowski Games. We further pledge to add to and update our present games and to always add new content and games as they become available. To us it is an adventure, we love gaming so much ourselves that we are striving to give our visitors the best possible experience available on the internet. Make sure you bookmark our page as we will be having weekly contests, winners of all ages will be able to have competitions against one another and will be able to have themselves ranked right along side of Kick Buttowski. Kick Buttowski Games promises you today that you will leave completely satisfied that you have seen it all when it comes to Kick Buttowski Games! If you know Kick Buttowski well, he is on our team.


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